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This was my first time photographing dance, or anything like this; and my first time seeing a professional ballet. I can’t tell you what an amazing opportunity it was. I’m truly grateful to the Los Angeles Ballet, their staff photographer, and all of their incredible dancers… Saw the performance last night and it was incredibly beautiful :) thank you ! I hope to have many more dancers in front of my lens.
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Allyssa Bross as Odette;
Los Angeles Ballet’s Swan Lake… 
Tonight’s the last night to see her perform at Royce Hall!

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Los Angeles Ballet’s Swan Lake. I think I’m in love with ballet..
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thank you to the Los Angeles Ballet for letting me photograph the dress rehearsal of Swan Lake. 

It was an incredibly beautiful performance!! If you’re in town, go see it this weekend; hopefully I’ll be there too. 

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Suzii Hele. 
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Saxon Cote. 
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like no other. 
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Andrea Margaret by Matt Fry
Julia Fae in Little Tokyo, 
the re-censored edit :)

this photo was deleted last night because the censors were not large enough…  I understand that whoever flagged the image most likely did so because they felt they were protecting someone, and I respect that. That being said, it brought up a lot of thoughts. 

nudity is many things.  it can be vulnerable, powerful, sexy, awkward, uplifting, inspiring, compelling, and terrifying.  It can be a tool for letting go, or a crutch to hide behind.  One thing I do not believe nudity can be, is evil.  Many religions, cultures and people have looked down upon nudity.  Often punishing, berating or ostracizing those that do not cover their desired amount of skin.  We in the west often scoff at the women who wear the hijab, while slut shaming the girl with the short skirt.  We ask the rape victim what they were wearing.  We demonize the most natural thing in the world, our bodies.

I don’t post porn, and I stray from the sexualization of nudity.  Most of my fully nude images are much tamer than many clothed photos on the cover of magazines.  I understand there are young kids on Instagram and I respect that.  I do however believe that showing women, naturally in a state of undress is healthy.  I believe it is needed to counter the over sexualization and the villaination of women’s bodies in our culture.  Yes, I believe we should protect our kids from the over sexualization that runs rampant online, but we must also instill the resect of women and their bodies; and see them as human.

I don’t pretend that I’m changing the world, but I do believe I’m doing something right. 

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Mausie at home :)
if this offends you, I apologize.  I thought it was quite beautifully powerful. 

Julia Fae in Little Tokyo
Suzii in DTLA
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The reason why Matt Fry gets so many natural photos is because he makes you feel like you are most beautiful when you are natural.


Matt Fry: Heavyweight Champion, still undefeated.

Puppet & Mausie getting tired of the camera :)
love the new story with Suzii on 

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