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Alina in Little Tokyo; part II
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SuzAnne with my Speed Graphic
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Anonymous: Please tell me you intend to work with Suzii again.

I hope I do :)

Alina in Little Tokyo
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My Mom <3 Karen Sue Holder
She was so beautiful!  That’s me with the dumb look :) #karensueholder
My Mother’s camera :) 

I remember her teaching me to shoot when I was 10 years old on this. We were hiding off to the side with a trigger, shooting humming birds off our porch in Spicewood, Texas @karensueholder #canonae1
Developed some new black and whites with SuzAnne…

These were in the same batch as three rolls that I shot as my mom was passing. Those three came out completely blank; that camera met with a brick wall shortly after and it felt so good ‚úč
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My brother brought back and old friend #georgedickel @tomvfry01
My Mother, 
Karen Sue Holder
In this house
We do real
We do mistakes
We do I’m sorries
We do fun
We do hugs
We do forgiveness
We do giggles
We do family
We do love

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By my beautiful Mother, 
Karen Sue Holder; my god do I miss her. This is one of my favorite shots of hers. 

Like everyone, she had her good and her bad, and she wouldn’t hesitate to beat my ass when I needed it.  My brother thinks he got hit harder, but I think I just refused to cry :) @tomvfry01.  I remember getting caught shoplifting while I was with my Mom and brother.  My Dad came home and calmly said, “boy you really pissed off your Mom”.  I think he also warned me to stay in my room for a bit. My Mom was stubborn, and made damn sure not to spoil us, but there wasn’t a thing she wouldn’t do for her kids… 

And her smile, don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so pure. 
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If These Walls Could Talk
-North Texas

By my Mother, Karen Sue Holder
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My Mom passed away this morning at 3:35 am <3 

She was lovingly held by all three of her kids when she passed.  The last we saw was a smile. She was the greatest mother anyone could ask for, and my personal hero. In her own words, “Happy Friday, make it a great day! Love to all.”

Karen Sue Holder:
February 1st, 1950 - September 5th, 2014 // @lexisma50
Goodnight :)