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I photograph women because I honestly hold them in a much higher esteem than men.. There is a reason why women go first, and there is a reason why they are saved when the ship is sinking.This goes for all women, thick or thin, young or old, clothes on or off.. and their differences should be celebrated. They have every right to enjoy sex, or to wear as much or as little as they please. You cannot berate the woman in the short skirt while you preach about freedoms to take off the hijab.It is time we teach respect rather than how to avoid rape; teach religious compassion rather than hate; and teach the world to see beauty and life and love in a woman’s body.. because whichever god you follow, it was his hand that shaped it.. and the differences should be celebrated.A woman’s body is not sin, it is a celebration of life and the experiences that shaped who they are. This is why I photograph women
matt fry
// Rachel Drallos, a beautiful person and mother // @drallos
Claire & Charlotte in Amboy; for The Photographic Journal 
// @tpj @clairebottle @charliedecock #kodak
Jenni in her room; Venice, CA // @jemichelle #makeportraits #kodak
I don’t know what comes next // Kya in Little Tokyo // #makeportraits #kodak
Alina in Little Tokyo // ohthumbelina
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Alexis Montoya in Little Tokyo // #kodak
Ariela in her room, Echo Park 2012 // #kodak #arielamarin
I just had to post one more.. Alina’s full story on // @ohthumbelina #kodak
// @ohthumbelina #kodak
Mika Mae Jones, 2012.  
Like an Origami Crane; a photo essay for The Photographic Journal // @mikamae @tpj #kodak
Non, je ne regrette rien..  -Edith Piaf
Alina on  // @ohthumbelina #kodak
watching the blood moon with @kenzfry & finishing up the new story with Alina.. It’s a good night // @ohthumbelina #kodak
Alina in Little Tokyo // ohthumbelina
I’ve never felt like I fit in // polaroid of Mika Mae Jones in Like an Origami Crane; the first Photo Essay for The Photographic Journal // @tpj @mikamae #impossibleproject
Charlotte De Cock & Claire Corbeau in Amboy, a Photo Essay for The Photographic Journal // @tpj @clairebottle @charliedecock